About the CIBC Run for the Cure

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure is Canada's largest single-day, volunteer-led event dedicated to raising funds for breast cancer research, education, and awareness programs. Founded by a small group of volunteers, its purpose has been to raise awareness and funds for the breast cancer cause. Since its inception, the CIBC Run for the Cure has made great strides in expanding its reach and impact, while remaining true to its grassroots and volunteer founders’ vision.

In 64 communities across Canada, 130,000 participants gathered for the 2013 Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure to help raise $27 million for the breast cancer cause. Dollars raised through the CIBC Run for the Cure help fund innovative research, health education, and advocacy programs that aim to reduce the incidence and mortality rates of breast cancer and help support women and their families who have experienced the disease. Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is extremely grateful for this support and is honoured to be entrusted by the nation to continue to lead the way towards our vision of creating a future without breast cancer.

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

The Foundation was founded in 1986 by a group of women who saw too many friends and family members being diagnosed with a disease that most women were embarrassed to talk about. Their vision was to bring a voice to those affected by breast cancer, and raise funds specifically for breast cancer research, education and awareness programs.

Since then, the Foundation has remained true to that vision and continues to work with over tens of thousands of volunteers, event participants, breast cancer clinicians, and communities in support of our mission. For over 25 years, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation has been at the forefront of a nation-wide movement to raise awareness and mobilize action on breast cancer.

The regional offices of Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation operate in the British Columbia/Yukon, Prairies/Northwest Territories, Ontario, and Atlantic regions, with a Central Office in Toronto. For more information about the Foundation and its work, visit www.cbcf.org.